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    Dr. Oakley brings more than 35 years of clinical and teaching experience to help you accomplish your personal goals. He is currently accepting new patients in his private practice located in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Oakley operates on a fee-for-service arrangement where payment is expected in full at each visit. You will receive an invoice after each session that has all of the information your insurance company will require to process your claim and then reimburse you directly at whatever rate your policy allows.

    You may wish to contact your insurance company and determine their rate of reimbursement before scheduling an appointment. Please be sure to inform them that you intend to see a licensed Ph.D. level psychologist in the Beverly Hills area, as the educational level of the therapist and geographical area where the therapy is rendered often determines the reimbursement rate provided by your policy. You should also provide your insurance carrier with the following procedure codes and fees that are payable at each session:

    Dr. Oakley’s Private Practice Fee Schedule:

    Initial Comprehensive Evaluation: $295.00
    CPT code: 90791
    60 minutes with pre-treatment psychological testing. (You should plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the psychological test protocol.)

    Description of Procedure: The purpose of the Initial Consultation is to obtain a complete history, arrive at a comprehensive diagnosis, conceptualize the causes of your presenting complaints, and then individualize a treatment plan including the anticipated course and intensity of treatment. The goal of this first visit is to make you an informed consumer so that you are able to arrive at an educated decision regarding the best course of action to identify and meet your therapeutic goals.

    Treatment Sessions:
    CPT Code: 90834

    40-50 minutes per session. Please contact Dr. Oakley for information regarding his fee schedule.

    Description: Treatment session plans will be individualized to meet your unique goals in therapy. Although, treatment is usually rendered once per week with the average course of treatment being 12 to 16 weeks, Dr. Oakley will provide you with a recommendation for the optimal course and intensity of treatment at the end of the initial consultation.

    Methods of Payment: Cash, Personal Check, Master Card/Visa.

    Note: If these fees are not feasible, please email us at and we will discuss options including your eligibility for a reduced fee with Dr. Oakley or, we will attempt to match with you an appropriate referral. Please indicate in your email what you would be able to afford for weekly psychotherapy so that we can provide you with the most helpful recommendations. We receive a large number of emails daily so if you do not receive a response within 48 hours please email us again. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment please contact us at the number above.