Center For Cognitive Therapy

Curriculum Vita

Clinical Psychologist specializing in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy. Regarded among peers as an expert in the assessment, treatment and supervision of complex mental health issues with over 34 years of clinical experience. Extensive experience with teaching mental health topics to a wide range   of audiences. Lecture internationally including an invited lecture at Oxford University, England. Professional affiliations and contacts throughout Southern California with a national/international professional network for referrals across the full spectrum of mental heath issues including substance abuse programs. Sport Psychology experience with collegiate & professional athletes including MLB. Expert with Pain Management, recovering from injury and sleep disturbance. Quali_ed Medical Examiner providing recent expert witness consultation to over 30 municipalities, medical centers, attorneys and corporations with mental health concerns in the work place (see addendum A). Extensive experience working in medical settings.



Center for Cognitive ­erapy & Sport Psychology, Inc.

3 Pointe Drive, Suite 305

Brea, CA 92821

08/2013 to present


Center For Cognitive ­erapy & Psychological Services, Inc.

499 N. Cañon Drive, Suite 206

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

01/1986 to present


Full Clinical Professor

UCLA Department of Psychology

1282A Franz Hall

Box 951563

Los Angeles, CA, 90095-1563

01/2002 to present.


Chief of Psychological Services Pain Management Associates

9665 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 520

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

01/1986 to 01/2010


Associate Clinical Professor

UCLA Department of Psychology

1282A Franz Hall

Box 951563

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1563

07/1995 to 02/2002


Assistant Clinical Professor

UCLA Department of Psychology

1282A Franz Hall

Box 951563

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1563

04/1988 to 7/1995


Assistant Clinical Professor

UCLA School of Medicine Dept. of Biobehavioral Sciences

760 Westwood Plaza

Box 24 Los Angeles, CA 90024

04/1988 to 6/2001


Post-Doctoral Scholar in Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine

UCLA School of Medicine, Dept. of Biobehavioral Sciences

Los Angeles, CA 90024

11/1985 to 03/1988


Clinical Psychologist

Center For Cognitive Therapy

1101 Dove Street, Suite 228

Newport Beach, CA 92660

03/1987 to 07/1987


Consulted with coaching staff and/or players for UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, USC, L.A. Galaxy, Colorado Rockies and the Seattle Mariners as well as aspiring Olympic athletes and elite High School athletes. Developed an innovative approach helping pitchers and position players to improve command and performance under pressure. Recently interviewed by Tim Brown and Rick Ankiel for their book entitled “The Phenomenon” (2017). Here is an excerpt on pages 110-114 discussing this approach with MLB pitchers. Worked closely with the legendary Sport Psychologist, Dr. Ken Ravizza, providing Sport Psychology consultations to the 2013 UCLA and Cal Sate Fullerton Baseball teams. Developed “The Mental Skills Scoreboard,” (Oakley & Ravizza, 2013) designed to provide accountability for the practice of Mental Skills enabling coaching staff and athletes to identify areas needing improvement as well as documenting progress. Participated in Dr. Ravizza’s “Sport Psychology Think Tank,” comprised of Collegiate Division 1 baseball coaches as well as other prominent Sport Psychologists, to discuss ideas for advancing the effectiveness of Sport Psychology. Paid Sport Psychology consultant to the 2013 UCLA Swim Team, 2013 NCAA Finals Team, and the 2014 UCLA Swim Team.


Served as a Qualified Medical Examiner providing expert witness opinions regarding assessment and treatment to attorneys, insurance companies and more than 30 municipalities and corporations for over 25 years (See Addendum A for a partial list). Panel Qualified Examiner in disputes of worker’s compensation injury since its inception in 2005. Performed Fitness For Duty Evaluations for Police Officers, Fire Department Personnel, LACMTA Bus/Train Operators and employees throughout Southern California.


Training in Health Psychology/
Behavioral/ Medicine


Post-Doctoral Training
in Cognitive Therapy








UCLA School of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
760 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA
10/1985 to 3/1988

Center For Cognitive Therapy
1101 Dove Street, Suite 228
Newport Beach, CA 92660
10/1985 to 07/1987

University of Mississippi
University, Mississippi 38677
Clinical Psychology
September, 1985

University of Mississippi
University, Mississippi 38677
Clinical Psychology
August, 1983

State University of New York
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York
August, 1979


Fellow, Academy of Cognitive Therapy

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
California License# PSY9870
March, 1987 to Present

Qualified Medical Examiner
QME# 001060


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Cognitive Therapy Applications: Marital Problems, Therapeutic Relationship Issues, Personality
Disorders, and Dicult Clients
Hirsch Community Mental Health Center
4670 Sepulveda Boulevard
Culver City, CA
May 9, 1990; May 23, 1990

Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders, Complex Marital Cases,
and Inpatient Depression: Featuring Aaron T. Beck , M.D. and Christine Padesky, Ph.D.
Newport Beach, CA
February 2-4, 1990

Broad Spectrum Stress Management
UCLA Medical Center
Medical Ambulatory Care Center 10833 Le Conte Avenue
Los Angeles , CA 90024
February 8, 1989

Cognitive Therapy For Anxiety
Pepperdine University
Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Culver City, CA
July 20, 1988

Cognitive Therapy For Depression
Pepperdine University
Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Culver City, CA
June 1, 1988

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Chronic Headaches
University of Oxford
Department of Psychology, Warneford Hospital
Oxford, England OX3 7JX
August 17, 1987

Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety and Depression
California State University at Long Beach
Long Beach, CA
April 30, 1987

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Pain and Stress
Sepulveda V.A. Medical Center
Behavioral Medicine Clinic
Sepulveda , CA
March 18, 1987; August 26, 1987


Highly value maintaining physical fitness with a consistent regimen of mountain biking , running , conditioning and
skiing. Have traveled extensively internationally and enjoy cultural diversity. I am a voracious reader who enjoys a wide
range of music (especially live jazz) and all outdoor activities including wilderness experiences. Played baseball throughout
youth including a New York State Babe Ruth Championship Final (1971) and High School Varsity. This early life
experience has led to a passionate, lifelong interest and appreciation for the game of baseball.

REFERENCES (see attached)

  1. Jill Waterman, Ph.D., Director-UCLA Psychology Clinic.      310-825-3240
  2. Erik j. Abell, Ph.D., EAP Director-Los Angeles Angels.     949-675-0545
  3. Doug Chadwick, Ph.D., Director of Mental Skills Development-Colorado Rockies.     714-423-8489
  4. Andy McKay, Director of Player Developement-Seattle Mariners.     916-801-5078


Served as a Qualified Medical Examiner, providing expert witness opinions regarding assessment & treatment
to attorneys, insurance companies & more than 37 municipalities and corporations for over 25 years.
Consulted with and provided treatment for large businesses and municipalities that have recently included
(partial list past five years):

21st Century Fox
Bassett Unified School District
California Department of Motor Vehicles
Chaffey College
City of Arcadia
City of Baldwin Park
City of Bell
City of Cypress
City of Garden
City of Hope
City of Huntington Beach
City of Laguna Beach
City of Los Angeles
City of Newport Beach
City of Placentia
City of Santa Ana
City of South Gate
Coalinga-California Department of State Hospitals
Community Convalescent Hospital of San Bernardino
County of Orange
Covidian-Medtronic, Inc .
Etiwanda Unified School District
Glendora Unified School District
Hacienda La Puente Unied School District
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
Los Angeles Metro Transit Authority (Served on Trauma Panel)
Luxfer Inc.
Lynwood Unified School District
Midway Car Rental, Inc.
Monte Vista Water District
Ontario-Montclair School District
Orange County Department of Probation
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
Tech Neal Scientific, Inc.
Upland Unified School District
Westlake Financial Services